Research shows walking 1 mile/day helps reduce your risk of dementia.

Later in life our body parts start to break down, including our brain tissue. This loss of brain tissue can lead to dementia – the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions. 

But the good news is that research* has shown regular walking earlier in life has a positive impact on helping us maintain our bigger brains and reducing the risk of dementia.

Walking roughly 6-9 miles/week is necessary to make a noticeable difference in brain tissue but that’s just 1 mile/day or about 2500 steps!

The research study recorded the level of physical activity in a large group of individuals > 65 years old. MRI studies done 9 years later showed those who had initially been walking at least 1 mile/day had more brain tissue than those that didn’t. Even 13 years later, those who had been physically active earlier on were less likely to be suffering from dementia. 

A little activity now can go a long way to keeping your brain working at its best. 

Let us help keep you in good walking form!

*Physical activity predicts grey volume matter in later adulthood ; Erickson, KI. Et al, Neurology 2010, 75: 1415-1422