Rake without the Ache

Autumn poster

It may have been the warmest September EVER but the trees haven’t been fooled!  October brings fallen leaves to rake and gardens that need to be prepared for the winter.

Working in the yard adds to the number of steps you take in the day as well as helping to burn calories. While sources vary, a 125 pound person burns about 120 calories raking for half an hour and a 185 pound person burns about 178 calories.

Seeing as raking and bagging leaves isn’t something you do every day, it’s a good idea to prep your body a bit before getting started to minimize the soreness you may feel after it’s all done. A brisk 10 minute walk or even walking on the spot is a great way to warm up your muscles.

Watch our Great Gardening Tips video with Dr. Roberta Da Re for some simple stretches that work just as well in the fall as they did in the spring.

To get the most out of the activity, rake continuously and with enough effort to break a slight sweat and feel like you’re breathing a little harder than normal.

To prevent back pain while raking and bagging leaves, remember to bend with your hips and knees and pivot to turn.  Don’t twist.

Enjoy the fall weather and keep your back in action!


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