Combat the Deep Freeze Tension

Deep Freeze Final Tx Rooms

Although our neighbours in Winnipeg may not agree, this has been a nasty winter for Toronto! 

Even with lots of layers those bitter winds can chill us to the bone and it’s easy to start wearing your shoulders as ear muffs. Once you start to thaw out it’s not uncommon to notice neck, shoulder and upper back tension.

If you find yourself stiff from the Big Chill, get some comfort with the Postural Relief Position.  Click here to watch the how-to video.

This winter hasn’t just been tough on our upper bodies. If it’s your job to keep the walk/driveway clear of snow, click here for some tips to help prevent back strain when shovelling. 

Crazy temperature swings have also created lots of ice, making even a short walk outside potentially precarious. Be sure to wear proper winter boots with good treads or invest in a pair of cleats to avoid slips and falls.  Click here to see Toronto’s own University Health Network’s research study on Winter Boots.

Winter is long.  If you’re feeling a little winter weary don’t hesitate to see us to help straighten you out!

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