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The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up and people are gearing up to head outside.  If you've chosen Netflix over the gym all winter it is important to ease yourself back into activity.  Pulling yourself off the couch to get moving is great, but pulling a muscle in the process can put a big damper on your fun.

Visit our Video Exercise Library to view some of our favourite go-to exercises for improving your posture and strengthening your core.  These exercises are fantastic for getting you back on track and will help protect you from injury no matter what your favourite summer sport is.

Focus on doing fewer reps with really great form rather than 100’s of reps each workout.  Quality of movement is worth far more than quantity.

It’s best to start your exercises on a stable surface such as the floor, and perfect the movement there before progressing to an unstable surface, such as a Bosu or exercise ball.

Your chiropractor will also have many great suggestions and variations of safe, effective exercises that are right for you. Just ask!

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